Talk about a busy weekend!!

Wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and every kind of evil.
James 3:16 (New Living Translation)

Holy Cow!, I have never been so happy to sit down in my life. So much has gone on this weekend. On Thursday, my beautiful sister came home earlier since her Friday class was canceled.

Friday morning me, momma, Christie, and her roomate and bridesmaid, Krissy loaded up and headed to Hot Springs to Hobby Lobby for wedding goodies. That we did! We were in Hobby Lobby maybe five minutes and my cell phone rung and it was from a number I did not recognize and it was First Step! First Step is a school here in my town that is for special needs children and adults. I applied about a week and a half ago about a preschool instructor job, and they called to see if I was still intrested in a job with them. I am no doubt, so I have an interview this Monday (8th) at 1PM! I was so happy I let out this huge burst of giggles in Hobby Lobby. Everyone be praying for me. I will post how the interview goes later today. Anyway, at Hobby Lobby we found flowers and other things. Christie is not gonna let us carry a boquet of flowers they are gonna be silk lavender and baby pink roses tied with a lavender ribbon! Goregous! We went to the mall, they did not buy anything. But, I did...I have a thing for purfumes and the awesome sales Victoria's Secert has. So, I got 8 body splashes for $35. Didnt need to spend that much, but I will use it. But, one was for Christie who loves the one I wear the most and a Vanilla Lace for Robbie who loves it and is out. We went to Ryans afterwards to eat, and ate too much. I love their rolls when they are super hot! Yumo!, mom, Christie, and Melissa (a school friend of Christies) went to Little Rock. Christie had got an email from David's Bridal they were having a $99 wedding dress sale. So, she booked an appointment for 10:30. We got there in no time, had a blast! Christie was waitted on by a wonderful wedding cordinator, Marsha! We love her, so nice warm and fresh. Made Christie feel at ease. Christie tried on two dresses, yes two! And, her dress was the first one she tried on. Her dress is goregous, I could not take a picture because Cody would be find a way to see it and no peeking. LOL! It is breathe taking. Christie's wedding party will be getting a discount if we buy our dresses there. I am considering it, I just have to have a shawl I hate my arms. But, her dress was more that $99 I assure you. But, it is going to be a beautiful wedding. When Christie came out in the first dress, it was the dress mom was pointing in the book they gave her she loved. I started to cry for a minute, but got shortly over it. My dad is in heaven smiling. We also went to Hobby Lobby in Little Rock while they were in there I went to Mardels, bought a brown and pink journal with Joshua 1:9 on it. For those do not know that is my favorite bible verse. We went to McCain mall, no more shopping for me. I bought Backyard Burger, one word: YUMO!

Sunday...Me, mom, Christie, and Cody went to church this Sunday. Came home made lausage, salad, and garlic bread. It was a very low key Sunday we were all so worn out from this weekend. So, everyone keep me and my family in prayers. I love you all and Keep Smiling. Later, I will be writing a post about Daddy today is his birthday! All my love!

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  1. Bridget says:
    March 8, 2010 at 7:04 PM

    I LOVE Hot Springs and Ryans!!!

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