We Miss You, Daddy!

Joshua 1:9 (New International Version)Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

Today on this very day, my wonderful father five years ago was called home to his personal LORD and SAVIOR. My father had diabetes and had a massive heartattack at home. He was fifty seven years old. He was married to my mother for thirty five years and had me and my sister, Christie whom will be 20 tomorrow. My fathers hobbies included: Rooting for the Arkansas Razorbacks, fishing, bird watching, and listening to planes on the scanner. He was on of six children three sisters and two brothers. My dad's full name was Dennis Larkin Martin. Me and my sisters names involved out my dads name.

Lindsey - my dad's mom's madien name was Lindsey.

Denise - was the femimine version of my daddys name.

Lynn - Christies middle name- was what my silly daddy told my mother his middle name was on their first date.

My dad was one of the funniest and talkest men you will ever met. He never met a stranger, people loved him the moment they talked to him. He actted as of he had known you his whole life. At family reunions he loved to act like the older generation and make jokes. He loved his family so much and proud of each and everyone of them. My dad was not a tall man he was around 5'9. His smile would shine up the room, people say I have his smile. This short but I wanted to just stop by and show you guys the love of my daddy on this hard day for me and my family.
I love you all and Keep Smiling!

Am I still here?

Isaiah 12:2 Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation."

Hello my lovely readers, how are each and everyone of you? I know I am slacking on my promise but ALOT has been going on and I need to start 2010 off to a fresh start. I am working on some things about me that I needed to do with GOD and GOD alone at this point. I have realized whom and what are important in my life. Sometimes, we have to find out the hard way. Sometimes it has to litterally kick us in the stomatch and wake us up. Heres the low down on me I will write tomorrow since something has been canceled in my planner. If I do not write please do not be mad at me.

1. I realized like I meationed who and what are important in my life. My daddy used to tell me, "The people you need in your life are the ones that say they need you in theirs". I truely believe that. I might only have two best friends but that is okay I am very blessed to have those two and I will never take them for guarnetted again. There have been countless people who have walked out on me, but it makes all the more loving towards the ones I have and the acceptance of the world is not a beautiful place. I am talking about people in general will sometimes let you down.

2. 2010 - New Changes New Beginnings. As I have posted before, I think I have, sorry sometimer moment. But, I am going back to college full-time in the fall. Okay beautiful people, I will be 25 in July I do not ya'll hear me NOT want to live in a dorm. So, my wonderful Robbie has to find a teaching job by this summer (major prayer request people) and she has to still go to the college we go to. So, she wants me to move in with her. I have made my mind up, I am gonna move in with her. I want you guys to be praying for me and her.

3. Another prayer request, my beautiful baby sister is getting in May yes as in this year May. She will be 20 in two weeks so everyone put her on your prayer list for her and Cody. Cody is okay I guess, I mean I tolerate him. I want them to find a good church to go to and start it off right. She told my mom Tuesday and suprising she did not flip out but is not thrilled. And, as the maid of honor that is all I am gonna be doing till May gets here and onward is praying.

4. Count your blessings before you complain. I wanna say it was Tuesday, I basically live at Robbies so I cant remember (laughs). Anyhow, me, her and P.J (my adopted necie shes Robbies real necie) were laying on the bed watching TV and I was down in the dumps because I was stupidly thinking no one loves me. Because Christie has Cody, my mom had my dad, everyone in my life is happy. Out of the blue P.J jumps on Robbie and they get in a tickle war and P.J calls out, AUNT LINDSEY, Robbies being mean save me. She jumped in my lap and just hugged me, that my friends and readers is love. When a six year old little girl hops into your lap and wants to make you smile that is love. Everytime I go over to Robbies I am feel so much love. P.J is my favorite little girl and I would do anything for her. Come to think of it I owe that baby a blue scarf! LOL!

I have a few prayer request:

Last night after Robbie took me home not even 15 mins after we got home she called and said they have taken her Aunt Veda in at St. Vincents and they are calling in all the family. Her aunt has stomatch cancer. The last word I had Momma Sonya was that her breathes were getting shorter and shorter. Last night I went and spent the night with Robbie so she would have someone there for her at the house. P.J was asleep and Jeremy had to work. So, Robbie needed someone, when I get more news I will post it. But, she will be going home eventually everyone.

Be praying for Robbie- like I meationed the teaching job thing and she is just having a lot on her heart and mind here lately.

Of course the Hati population.

I am gonna run for now, if you guys have any prayer request please comment below I will most definately be praying. I love you all and Keep Smiling!