Where Oh Where have I been?

I am fully aware of me lacking in writing there has been alot going on and here I will tell you all my story.

How is Robbie (the best friend from home)? In June, Robbie's dad died. He was fiftysix years young. He had complained of chest pains all day while at the lake, funny thing is I was at the lake at the same time. For Christies bachelorette party. I left early to come home take a nap and Robbie called and wanted to go to Magnolia. We got to about Camden and her cell phone rung it was her brother, Jeremy saying their dad was getting Metlifed to Little Rock. Around three thirty that morning Jerry went home to the Lord. It has been a hard time for Robbie, Sonya (her mom), Jeremy, and PJ but my prayers and heart have been there with them.

How is Joshua (the high school love)? About a month ago he got married. No not to me. And, now he is divorced. He is going through a really tough time. I do not want to put all the busincess out there but my heart was telling him he is moving way to fast for this. But, sometimes you have to watch the people you love get burned. Just like he did with me of three years, now its my time to shed some tears for him. I am praying for him and one day he will learn to trust again and someday will find a woman worthy of his wonderful love.

How is my job? I am in love with it. Somedays are easier than others but I am in love. My kids are great they become like your babies. I work with a classroom of about 24 on average and they sure do keep ya on your toes. They are a true blessing and I see so much promise in each and everyone one of them. Waking up being Ms. Lindsey puts the brightest smile on my face.

How is my sister? Married. The wedding was beautiful, as soon I know how to work my scanner I will show some pictures. Very much purple and pink (lol)! She and I have gotten closer since she has been gone. I end up going back to Magnolia with her everytime she comes down it seems like. Me and Cody (her husband) have gotten closer and is more like a brother to me than a brother in law. About two weeks before they got married both of them accepted the LORD as their personal Savior and were baptisted. It made me cry to be honest with you. I love my sister, we shop together we get along so much better and I miss her alot.

How is my mom? Oh, shes mom. Same ole Same ole. She is going to doctor appointments, cooking rotating nights, putting up with me.

How is my relationship with Christ? For a while I felt it slip, but my heart is healing. I am learning to trust again, not only people but GOD. Trust is a big thing to have.

And, how am I? Im ...hm... Im making it. Hourly. Minutely. Secondly. Ive lost 30 pounds since last August. Do not know how but I have. I am not gonna say my heart was not broken when Joshua got married because it was very broken and for a moment I lost touch with Lindsey. But, I am okay now. Even though he is going through things I have to be strong for Lindsey. Because at the end of the day I answer for me and only me. I have been drying Robbie's tears she cries. I know the pain, the tears still make me cry. Her dad was like a dad to me growing up. This is short but I wanted you all to know I am still alive. I will write soon, dont know when or how but I will. I love you all and I have missed you.