Happy Easter Ya'll!

Mark 9:9 And as they were coming down from the mountain, He gave them orders not to relate to anyone what they had seen, until the Son of Man should rise from the dead.

Hello my dear friends, Happy Easter to everyone! I hope this blog finds all of ya'll loved, blessed, and probably full of Easter goodies.

Yesterday, around two in the afternoon we moved my sister's fiance from Camden to Magnolia into this GOREGOUS 1bedroom apartment him and Christie will live in when they get married in June. We made two or three trips back and forth from Camden to Magnolia. And, I had not ate nothing all day, I know HUGE mistake, I was snippy at everyone and everyone kept calling me at the worst times. Well, me and momma were about to leave with the last load of stuff momma's cell phone rung and it was my Aunt Irene. She called to tell us my cousin (even though me and Christie call her Aunt) Jean was at a Easter egg hunt with Bailey, her granddaughter at the church and was feeling light headed so she headed back to the car and told her husband. When Dusty got to her she was unresponsive. At first they thought it might of been a stroke, but when me and momma went to see her she knew who all of us were. They think its just really bad seziures but they do not know what is causing them. She is now in Baptist in Little Rock, so everyone please praying for my dear cousin Jean. I will keep you guys posted as I find information out.

As for myself, I am we had ham, creamed potatos, green bean bundles, and rolls. Then tonight Robbie brought me some Jelly Belly Beans the Easter Bunny left at her house and a sweet card! This week has been crazy, and this week starting today is gonna be equally as crazy or madness. How many of ya'll went to Easter egg hunts? How many of yall went to parents home? Some of yall stay home and was like I am not moving. LOL! As for me and my house me and my mom went to church and ate thats about it. Well here has been a wrap up of my week and this week to come...

Okay, tomorrow I leave for Hot Springs for a day and a half of training for First Step! So, me and momma will be staying the night down there. Be praying as we travel, we will have to be there at 8AM! So, from our house it will be putting us at leaving at 6AM, yes I better have some coffee. I am very excited and this is a wonderful opportunity! I train in Hot Springs tomorrow and Tuesday and then come home on Wenesday and Thursday and train in Fordyce where I live. And then on Friday I am....

Working but besides that Robbie got with her refund me and her tickets to the Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw tickets!!!! I am very excited, now if Tim sings daddy's song I might just have to cry a tear for my daddy. But I am very excited, this week is gonna be jam packed with goodies. So, this is a short blog but I need to get my rear end in bed. I love you all and if you have prayer request post below or email booknerd4christ@gmail.com Remember always, I love you and Keep Smiling!