Happy Birthday Lorna!

Proverbs 17:9 Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends. 1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Hey Everyone, I hope this blog finds everyone well and blessed. Today is a specail day in my heart and in my life. My darling friend, Lorna would of been 25 today.

In the first picture of me and Lorna in dresses was at our Senior Night. Senior Night was when the Junior Class would honor the seniors. They predicted me and Lorna would be in the nursing homes chasing each other in our hot pink wheelchairs. We were exact opposites in physicality, she was skinny and I was not, she was blonde and I was a burnette. We both stood at 5'4 however. Every summer we would spend together until she went to her sister Leslies and the night she came back we would get together have tacos and a movie night. Lorna and I both did not have junior prom dates so we decided to be each other's. We had a blast we danced with each other, took many pictures on disposible cameras together.

I met Lorna when I was seven years old in second grade. Lorna and I both had Mrs. Freer as a teacher on the first day she set me and Lorna close to each other. We both were very shy, and had nearly matching shirts. Our mothers went to school together that were not that close but knew each other. Me and Lorna on that first day went and played together on recess talked about books and dolls. She gave me her phone number and her exact words were, "I see a friend in you". Over our second grade year we were moved alot because we got so close and the teacher could not shut either one of me and her up. Two shy girls became the best friends. Lorna showed me the power of friendship any more ways than one. As we grew into women, our friendship did not fade. We would go to church together and eventually she is the one who led me to be a Christian. Every weekend either she was over here at my house or I was at her's. By the time we turned nine I was forbidden to call her parents Mr. and Mrs. Thompson it was Momma and Daddy just like it was over here. Lorna was one of six kids she was the baby girl. All the sister's had L names and funny thing is Lorna used to joke and say, "Your just another L over here". My first and only horror movie, Carrie was watched "together". I could not spend the night with her that Halloween because I had gotten sick but we rented the same horror movies and talked on the phone so we could be "together". We watched Carrie and when the hand pops out of the grave I think Lorna slept with her momma that night. I know I did.

In high school we had our up's and our downs but at the end of the day the fighting was over with. Lorna and I our sophomore year had every class together but two and even then we were right next door to one another. I was in band she was in the next room in Art. I was in Biology, she was in Physical Science. I was teased alot in high school for being overweight and still am by some of my classmates. You would think they would be grown up by now? Through my tears I laughed, she always had that way of lifting me up. Lorna left behind a handsome son I have so much to tell when he gets older. His name is Dakota, and what a blessing he is indeed. Here is the following of what Fordyce News Advocate had wrote up for her service:

Lorna Kay Pennington 1985 - 2006 Lorna Kay Pennington, 21, of Fordyce, died Wednesday September 27, 2006 in Camden. She was born in Warren, AR on March 25, 1985. Lorna was a homemaker and a member of the Temple Baptist Church in Fordyce. She is survived by her parents Myzell & Janet Thompson of Fordyce, Ar; her husband James Michael Pennington of Fordyce, AR; a son Dakota Raye Pennington of Fordyce, AR; a brother, Christopher Thompson of Magnolia, AR; four sisters, Laura Herrington of Rison, AR, Leslie Hesselbein of Dover, AR, Renee Reaves of Fordyce, AR, Lana Massey of Camden, AR; and her grandmother, Ivanette Williams of Fordyce, AR. Funeral services are 2:00 pm Friday September 29, 2006 at the Benton Funeral Home Chapel. Burial in Wheeler Cemetery, with the Rev. Mike McEuen & Rev. Bobby Hartgen officiating. Arrangements by Benton Funeral Home of Fordyce.

Heres What the Camden Paper had to say:

Camden News Paper:By DONNA COLLINSStaff Writer

The condition of a Fordyce man and his child have improved after they were injured when the car the father was driving hir a building earlier this week. The man's wife was killed in the accidentAccording to St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital in Hot Springs James Michael Pennington was listed in stable condition today, an improvement from fair condition on Thursday.Pennington's wife, Lorna, was killed in the Wednesday accident on Adams Avenue. The couple's one-year-old child, Dakota, was airlefted from Ouachita County Medical Center to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.Dakota's condition was listed today as good, according to a Children's Hospital spoleswoman.Lorna Penningtin, 21, who was reportedly seven months pregnant, was killed when the coupl'e car hit the building at the corner of Adams and Center that once was the Zodiac Club. The builing was being used for storage.Police believe the couple was in route to Ouachita County Medical Center.Lt. DeMoyne Gray of the Camden Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division said today that he spoken to family members who said they had given the couple directions to the hospital.Gray said he hopes to travel to Hot Springs today to interview Pennington, but added that if he did talk to Pennington, the conversation could be limited based on Pennington's condition. Gray say police do not suspect any illegal behavior, but police do want to know as much as possible about what may have contributed to the accident.Witnesses have told police that the car was speeding, ran a red light at Grinstead and Adams, then while attempting to pass a wehicle, clipped and damaged that car, went out of control and hit the building

The night Lorna died I wrote the following poem:

Beautiful Angel Written By: Lindsey Denise Martin

Beautiful Angel in the sky up so high.
Beautiful Angel spread your wings and keep us safe.
Beautiful Angel shed no tears and take away all our fears.
Beautiful Angel reach up so high and then down low for hug to us.
Beautiful Angel with the beautiful eyes watch us and lead not a stray.
Beautiful Angel with the pale skin send no rain but sun full a ray.
Beautiful Angel with the beautiful voice sing us one last song.
Beautiful Angel was just like you and me she did right and wrong.
Beautiful Angel what song is it that sing you sing so might.
Beautiful Angel sings of her family and her friends were her light.
Beautiful Angel sends love to her mate and a kiss or two.
Beautiful Angel sends hugs to her mommy forever and before she parts a quick I love you.
Beautiful Angel takes her daddys hands and hugs him tight and says I love you too.
Beautiful Angel takes her sisters as a group hug and smiles and laughs and before she parts another quick I love you too.
Beautiful Angel takes her brothers hand and smiles and hugs him tighter and says take care of them for me and I love you oh so much.
Beautiful Angel takes her grandmas hand and smiles and hugs her and tells her thank you for everything and I love you and kiss on the cheek.
Beautiful Angel takes her friends and in the middle how she knew that were not just one friend but a whole bunch.
Beautiful Angel whispers to them all I love you and don’t ever give up because I’m not far away.
Beautiful Angel takes her baby boy and spins him round and round laughter fills the heavens and Beautiful Angel sheds a tear.
Beautiful Angel is scared is that he will never know about her that is her one fear.
Beautiful Angel looks back at the people she loves and whisper tell him about me please.
Beautiful Angel hands him back to daddy and says don’t forget to tell him.
Beautiful Angel says tell him how I was and the woman I grew up to be she tells her family.
Beautiful Angel says tell him I love him everyday and how live life to the fullest.
Beautiful Angel sees the gates open up oh so big and bright.
Beautiful Angel beings to glow in the beautiful glow of God’s love.
Beautiful Angel runs to give one more group hug and I love you to all.
Beautiful Angel goes to set on her cloud next to our Lord Savior and smiles and says I will be waiting for you all.
As the gates close quiet the reflection of our sweet angel stays in our hearts and our mind.

To my: sister, best friend, and the angel of music, Happy Birthday Lorna we love you so much and miss you.

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