Missing you guys!

Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD. - Leviticus 19:18

I am taking care of some request be more than happy to post more I do not mind answering them at all. That makes my day when you guys ask. Oh, by the way I have missed you guys the old readers and welcome aboard new readers of my blog!

For the ones that requested pictures: I am working on them my camera is being a meanie. I will be posting some pictures of what Robbie looks like, a better pic of me and my sister how we look now, of me and my mom, my school I attend, what Meredith and Russell look like, Joshua (whom will have a blog in November all about him), and I am thinking about posting some younger pictures of me like high school memories. I am working on it and I am not ignoring your cry for the pictures. :)

What are the top five things that describe your life, personality, passions, how God wired you?

My Life:
Adventerous: My life is never a dull moment I am always doing something. Either writing, taking a photograph, reading, counseling, fighting, loving, on the phone, school work, trying to find a job. It is always something. And, you never know what I will say next.
Stressful: As you have read, my father died five years ago in January it will be. And, I believe it to be MY responability to be the glue of this family. So stressful.
Exciting: Even when I am crying I smile. I try to make the best out of everything. There are days that are a challenge but I try to make everyday the best day possible. Because you never know it will be your last one.
Warm: I try to be an inspiration to others even though I am the one that needs to be taking probably most of the advice.
God-sent: I feel so loved and honored that GOD gave me life. It took my parents 14 years to have me, my mom suffered three miscarriages and one of which was twins. They told my parents that they will have a hard time getting pregant and come to find out my mom could carry girls and not boys. Hence: Me and Christie.

Bubbly: Like I said I love to smile. When I worked at the grocery store I worked at I had an older gentlemen that use to come in the store and he called me "Bubbles". I said whys that? He said even though you might not wanna be here you always make your customers feel so welcome and warm when they see you. Your not afraid to go that extra mile.
Honest: I am always honest. Even though it hurts sometimes I try to be honest.
Hard headed: Yes I admit I want my way sometimes. I want to be right, I hate being told I am wrong.
Understanding: Even though so many people have run me over in my life I am always willing to give them that second chance. I always admit to my mistakes and know that every human does so that is why I understand so well I guess.
Loving: I am told by my friends I polled I am loving. As you see I always tell ya'll I love yall and keep smiling. It is because I do love yall so very much, because on the road of life we are all on this road together. And, honestly you never know some of yall may never hear I love you but by me and if I am responable for that. Good! The reason why I say keep smiling its because usually when you say I love you a smile comes on your face, am I right?

My Passions:

People: Most of you found out about my blog from an email I sent out. I love people, I like observing, talking, giving advice. I guess that is why GOD gave me the gift of counseling. My father was the same way he loved everyone. At his funeral they joked he was the un-offical greeting at Walmart here in my town. I love knowing about people, where they come from, their lives, their goals and loves.
Psychology: As you know this is one of my two majors in college. I love knowing not only people but why people think the way they do, why are people so mean or nice, why do others label themselves as better? I love learning the human mind.
My Faith: I will write blog tomorrow about how I became a Christian. But, I could of easily become atheist after my father died. I was that clinical depressed, but instead of blaming GOD for my father dying I praised him for giving him health again, and well probably a good fishing hole too (laughs). But, I enjoy reading my Bible...I read it three times a day. Morning. Afternoon. And Bed Time. I love learning something new everytime I open it. I love learning about GOD's love for us.
Learning new things: I have never been the kinda person to just sit back and let others do things for me. I want to learn, I want to Microbiology not because my degree because I want too. I want to take sign lanauge because I want too. The only thing I am scared of is learning to drive, but I know I can do it. I want to learn so many things. I took every history class at my old college not because I had to because I wanted too. I went to visit the professor in July and he said he is thinking about offering a "Introduction to Law" class. I told him to sign me up if he does and its online Id be there.
The Arts: Music, Photography, Books. I love to read (book review coming soon) my dad used to joke with people when I was younger that him and my mother never found me in the toys but in the books. I was reading on a high school level at age nine. I will always remember I was tweleve years old at my local libary and I wanted to read "Carrie" by Stephen King. The libarian said, "Dennis she is too young for this". "Sweetheart, the childrens books are over here." I looked right at her and said, "I have already read them all." My dad just laughed and said "The girl wants to read, let her read". Thats why my dad never complained if I wanted to buy a new book. Mom's a different story.
So, heres the question I promised to answer. I hope everyone is well, and I have missed yall I will write more soon. I love ya'll with all my heart. And Keep Smiling.

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  1. Jennifer says:
    October 11, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    Thanks for contacting me. I'm looking foward to reading all of your posts! I love the verse you posted here. Take Care and God Bless!

  2. Martha says:
    October 11, 2009 at 9:26 PM

    Yep, I remember being intrigued with The Craft when I was a teenager. Movies have a way of making sin look "cool" and many young people (even adults) bite on that bait! :o) I love how honest you are and I am looking forward to reading more from you :)

    Thank you for your sweet message, I'd love to exchange blog links! Mine is at http://flyawaybirdie.blogspot.com, I hope to hear from you soon =)

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