Twenty-Five Very Random Facts About Me!

REV 3:5 He who overcomes will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out his name from the book of life, but will acknowledge his name before my Father and his angels.

1. I write on anything! If I get inspired to write something so I won't forget it I write it on everything. Napkins, recepits, my hand, anything. You can't just shut down some inspiration.

2. The people who do not know me think I am shy the people who know me wish I would shut up. I love to talk, its just around people I am really nervous around but give me five minutes I act as if I have known you my whole life.

3. I do not have a favorite color techinally. I wear every color, I am a very bright dresser. If I am wearing a plain t-shirt I jazz it up with earrings or necklaces or a scarf. I am always creative. So, if I had to name my favorite it'd be pink or kelly green.

4. I always have a book with me. Right now the book in my person is "Catcher in the Rye". So, if I am stranded with time to kill I always have a book handy so it will keep my mind busy.

5. I very seldom get cold. If I do its because I don't feel well, or tired, or just kinda nippy. If I get cold I usually carry a hoodie with me just to cover my arms. I always have three fans going in my room yearly. My dad used to joke I could hang meat in my room it was so cold.

6. My dreams are very detialed. I keep a journal and a pen tucked under my pillow every night so I plop up and write it down. I remember everything about my dreams.

7. I have enbraced my love of being a nerd. I use to be so senstive about being made fun of now its just like okay whatever. I know I am different but that is what makes us all beautiful.

8. I love to make people laugh. Even though I am having a bad day I try to make someone else's day a little bit better.

9. I always tell people I love them! Like my friends, old coworkers when I see them, some of my favorite customers.

10. I have a best friend who is a male and an EX. Joshua and I if you have not read my blog post about him you should. He is a wonderful man and I would not trade him for anything in this world. We break the rules of ex's cant be friends..well we are best friends.

11. I am not understood by my mother. My mother and I went to see New Moon again Tuesday, and there is a preview for Sherlock Holmes. I love Sherlock Holmes and she knows it, she said "You wouldnt like something like that." This is also the same mother who thinks I love romance novels.

12. I cry at least once a day for about 10mins or less over my dad.

13. My favorite literary characters are Ozma, The Scarecrow, Sherlock Holmes, Matilda, Susan (off Narnia books), Klara (off Heidi), and Sara Crew.

14. I love coffoe..anyway you do it will drink it.

15. My father was my best friend in this house. My dad knew me better than anyone for a long time, I still say he does. When I was 12yrs old I wanted this Sherlock Holmes detective kit and I meationed only once. Next week when I passed my spelling test it was in the seat waitting for me.

16. People say I look like my mom and act like my dad. I take that as the greatest compliament in the world.

17. One time in high school me and Lorna got in a fight like a pulling hair claws came out fight and when the teachers pulled us apart they asked if me and her were aware of we were fighting with each other. That is one of the funniest memories of my life.

18. I am gonna need a room in my future house just for the books.

19. I am very opionated. If you do not like what I tell you do not ask me. I guess that is why I am enjoying the whole counselor theory I want to be.

20. I guess Joshua is right..I bring kidney infections onto myself. I drink around a two liter of diet coke or diet dr pepper daily.

21. I miss my long hair, I am growing it out again and do not plan on cutting it for awhile. I learned from my mistake on that one.

22. I am more of a salty than a sweet person. I hardly ever get a sweet tooth if I want something sweet I want something sweet and stand back.

23. I have too many posters in my room we got: The Wizard of Oz, New Moon, Team Jasper and Alice, Chinese love, and The Neverending Story.

24. When I was five I feel and busted my head open 134 staples buddy. Honestly I never even felt it, did not know what happened until someone put their hand on the back of my head and blood was pouring out.

25. This blog is one of the greatest joys in my life.

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