Happy Birthday Joshua!

PRO 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

As you all know I have meationed a guy named Joshua for the past and now you get to know the skinny on the ever so famous Joshua!

I met Joshua when I was 14 years old, when I was dating his best friend at the time, Kyle. Joshua was sitting at the computer and had this huge smile and his brown eyes just sparkled. I remember smiling back, to this day he said that and my eyes were the first things he noticed about me. We talked a long time and soon exchanged email address to keep in touch since I did not know when I would ever see him again. Joshua and I talked that night for it seemed eternity we talked about how what kind of movies were into to what music we were into to families. Joshua told me he was one of three children and he was a middle child, he said I have an older brother and little bit younger brother. It is funny his younger brother and I share a birthday. Joshua and I are the same age but I am four months older. Joshua was also in band and we went to different schools. My dad one October wanted to go to that school's ballgame since our team was not doing well and two the high school Joshua went to is the same one my dad went too. How cool! So, I see Joshua march in with the saxophones and then I saw a replica of him marching in with the trumpets. I look at my dad, and say I never knew he was a twin!? Joshua still laugh about that everytime we talk so not cool. Joshua and I had our up's and down's of our friendship and first up till April of 2003.

On April 8, 2003 me and Joshua admitted to one another after the dramatic breakup of me and his best friend, to try to dating. He accepted my offer to be my senior prom date, we had a blast that night. That was the night we both shared our first kiss as a couple and admitted we love one another. We spent that summer together going to New Mexico to do missions with his church, to coming over and watching movies, to going to Applebee's for my birthday. Even going to church together was wonderful. Me and Joshua dated well up to my first semester at college, but broke up. The first few months of our break up were rocky. But, we soon came to the decesion of lets be friends. We all know the, "lets be friends" speech. I did not know how true this would be till January 2005 hit.

Joshua started college and him and his family moved to a different Arkansas. I hadn't got his new number or even know where to start to contact him. My father adored Joshua, loved him as a son. When news broke out my father had died, Joshua was crushed but not only for me but for my family and his heart was broken. I remember coming home that night from the hospital and the home phone was ringing and on the other end it was him. He was crying and said, "Lindsey, I am so sorry. Do you need me? I will be there." I remember crying so happy to hear his voice, I said "Yes, Joshua I need you". He made a promise to me for me to call him and let him know when the funeral was. I let him and I was very doubtful he would come. I was thinking the whole time getting ready for my dads funeral, "He's not coming, he won't. I know him". As soon as the funeral was over, and his friends got to walk by and pay their respects. I saw my friends, Jennifer, Luke, and Robbie walk by. And then, I looked down and Christie grabbed my hand and said "He Came!" I look up and I see his eyes on me. I remember running out to find him after the funeral. I will never forget that hug, he had tears pouring down his face and as well as I did. I kissed him, and said "Thank you, Joshua". He laughed, "He said, I don't make a promise I dont attend on keeping." He rode with me to graveside with my friends. My mom told me he could sit with me at graveside, I will never forget holding his hand and crying and his arm around me to keep me safe and warm since I was cold.

July of that year, I started dating the man of three years. Joshua and I talked alot on messanger. I still familar talks our laughs, our cries, our your so silly. I told Joshua about him, lets just say he was not happy. He tried to tell me, "He's too old for you." or "He's gonna hurt you." Did I listen? No. I thought, "Oh, he's being jealous, he's being a man." The night me and three year boyfriend had sex, I came home in tears and told Joshua. Joshua and I had it out, when I say had it out that is an understatement. Joshua knew I wanted to wait till I was married. He and I talked about that for a long time. He knew that my purity was important. In resulting in our fight I blocked him on my messanger. I hated him, I hated him for the way he down the man I loved, I hated how Joshua thought he knew me, how he thought he knew my heart better than I did. Well, Joshua was right yet again....

Two years later....I had just gotten dumped by the man of three years. Something in my heart told me, unblock Joshua, time heals all wounds. I did, and to my suprising he was online! I jumped online and poped up, "Joshua Edward!" He typed, "Hey!" Lets just say we dropped the fight meationed it and forgot and dropped it. I will always remember this, most men would of asked about the sex of "Was it good?", "How long was it?" Joshua said this and I will hear it forever in my heart, "I forgive you". I never in my life would of thought Joshua would forgive me over my stupid and dumbness. We met for lunch one time me and Robbie went to his towns college for which Robbie got her Bachelors at. We set in Mazzio's for six hours! We talked for as long as I can remember talked about everything and anything. I will remember he said to Robbie, " I hate me and her did not talk for two years, I sure did miss her." That broke my heart in so many pecies you have no idea. Joshua and I went on a date, before I got with my recent ex. The only reason I chose the reason I chose the current ex over Joshua is because. Joshua I still saw 17 year old Joshua, that I dated. Not the Joshua who has grown into this handsome, GOD worshipping, Bible reading, my match in every single way, man.

Joshua and I are best friends, through it all we have. We have feelings for one another but with him finishing school soon we simply do not know. He is the only ex, my friends love, my mom loves, my dad adored, and my sister loves. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes say I hate you to him but in the next sentence its an I love you. Me and Joshua have this theory, GOD has kept close in each other's hearts for this long and we keep trusting him GOD will know what will become of us. If we are to be boyfriend and girlfriend...wonderful, if not we are so incridbly blessed to be each other's best friend. Through all our heartbreaks, to deaths, to countless pizza's we have enhaled, to the many tickle wars we have, I am glad to say that I love this man. It took me a long time to come to this point, to realize what it truly means to be happy. And, this is how I believe GOD told Joshua and I to keep our promises to one another. Best Friends to End.

Happy 24th Birthday Joshua! With all my Love. To my partner in crime, to my best friend, to my Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls joke), my Chinese food partner, my music of my heart, my Razorback football partner, the arms that lift up when I am down! I love you! Lindsey :).

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  1. Ali Davis says:
    November 4, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    joshua sounds like an amazing friend, and forgiveness is such sweet medicine when we need it most. i hope you've had a wonderful day!


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