Waitting on my sweet Meredith!

I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. - Proverbs 8:17

Well... I promised that I would write before I left to go to Meredith's for the night and right indy I got it done. Well, I went to moms doctor appointment with her. She has lost 17 pounds woo hoo momma! Blood pressure was good, blood was a little thick but doctor said its not a huge deal. Everyone watch out the flu bug is here, I saw more kids come in that the nurses said have the flu. I am glad things checked out good with my mom, I tend to worry sometimes about her because afterall she is the only parent I have left. Just got done eatting some fried chicken, who does not love fried chicken? Well, unless your vegan, vegeterian, or allergic... but that is a different story for a different time. It will be late tomorrow when I write. My friend, Robbie is in grad school (GO ROBBIE!) getting her Masters in Teaching, and so she will not be by herself on the way home I have voultered to be there for her. Everyone keep her in your prayers she is paying this all on her, and these payments monthly are not cheap by no stretch of the word. I am so proud of her! I straightened my hair with my new straighter I showed off late last night I give it 5 out of 5 stars it works wonderful! I hope everyone is having a blessed and wonderful day. How do you guys like the new layout, I figured out how you can change it and well I found that one and feel in love. It will change from time to time for now I really do love that one. How is everyone today? Tell me your thoughts, your opinons, what ya mad about that I can help you breathe over? (Giggles). Today's fashion for me lets see: What am I wearing: Pink studded top more fushia than pink, dark jeans that are boot cut, gold ballet flats, and obviously bra and panties. Just so yall know I obessed with ballet flats, I only need a few more colors but I love them super comfy. For being five four and not very cornated perfect shoe to wear. Im pumped to be spending the night with Meredith. She is a wonderful bestie, she and her husband, Russell live in Bentonville and she is my Mary Kay consultent! They have been married for almost two years, she has a blog you guys should check her out she is an awesome christian woman whom I call my sister. If you guys want her blog address ask away I know she will love to hear from you. She recently in Febuary to be exact lost her father to a brain tumor. So, prayers for her are much needed. Look what the kitty dragged... my cat! Salem scared me he rubbed up by my foot I guess he wants me to say hi. Salem has a funny story of how he got into this house. My sister, Christie always wanted when I say always thats a bit light she came out of the womb wanting a cat. And, we had Copper our dashaund who is now in heaven and we had guniea pigs, and fish. You get the point? No kitty. Well, my beautiful and wonderful father died a day before Christie's sixteenth birthday. And, in June of that year my mom went to see my dad while I was in my summer class and out of the woods hears meowing and out darts Salem. He lands, I put on my grave, my parents monument. He jumps and wines for my momma he had a cut lip and was like a bag of little bones. Well, my mommy being the big softy she is brought the bogger home. He now has no cut lip, weighs 15 pounds, sleeps with momma, and all the food and water and the occasionaly treat he and stand. Oh by the way, he loves fried chicken he must be southern and member of the Martin family. Why the name Salem? That is the name of the cementary where my father is buried, just seems fitting right. Well, I am gonna get off here and make sure I have everything for tonight. I love you guys and Keep Smiling. Lindsey!

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  1. Jena says:
    September 3, 2009 at 8:19 PM

    Cute cute cute!

    Sounds like you have some great friends. It didn't rain on me today, but I was very very tired all day and I couldn't stop eating. Very unlike me. Total PMS, that's all I can chalk it up to. And the worst timing because my cousin's wedding is tomorrow! Aack! My dress better still fit!!

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