Hair Cut and Retail Therapy.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Psalm 23:5

I know its been a few days since I wrote in my blog and I am so sorry for that I been swamped with school work, some personal drama with men (of course!), and working on getting to feeling better. Well, I am feeling a tad bit better I have started my period ( I know TMI) but that might be the reasoning behind my pain I was expering but I am still going to the doctor soon. I decided on Wenesday I was once and for long going to cut my hair. Well.... not me personally...but you guys know what I am talking about. It is in fact short, its in the shape of a bob and with spikey ends. I love it! The main reason I cut it is because I love my long I do, but it was so thick and straightening it took almost an hour and a half. Yes, craziness. With this I put some hairspray, bursh it lets go to town. I tried a different hair dresser this time around and she re-opened a shop that was once run by my old hair dresser. Her shop is AMAZING! It has crosses everyone, she has her bible open for everyone to read. She even has a sign on her door that says if you choose to use profainity you must leave now. My favorite thing was that she was so warm she wants me to come up and there anytime since I live close to her shop and talk to her. Me and Robbie are thinking about going to her church for Bible Study she invited us. Ya'll would love her shop.

On Thursday, I went to Magnolia with Robbie as usual (which I won't this Thursday) but we had a blast .. somewhat. Well, we got there and it was sprinkling and we were gonna go eat Pizza Hut first but we saw there was a Factory Connection near by it and they had a 75% off Summer and Spring clothing. Okay, for those who do not know I hardly wear long sleeves but I have ALOT of them. So, this was my chance. Heres what I all got...

1- black low v-neck blouse will have to wear a cami under.
1- kelly green (2nd favorite color) v-neck puffy sleeve top
1- purple short sleeve mock turtleneck!
1- grey leggings ( I have black)
1- brown leggings
1- black and white cheeckered scarf
3- pairs of earrings (3 pck deal)
1- necklace
1 - ring with peacock colors on it
How much did I spend? $100? Nope try - $40! Yes you see $40! I really did not have the money to splurge but well... I think I deserve to treat myself from time to time. I told Robbie when I get a job we are soooo coming back. I wore today my gray leggings and purple top with my necklace and earrings. I just wish I was not a chunky monkey. And, buying plus size clothes are hard that are cute and affordable. I wear a size 18/20 I know I might not look it but I do. And Robbie is bigger than me and at this FC she got a pair of pants for $10! The lady said they just been having a good sale and they are gonna have this sale for a while I was like yea!! So happy about that. My mom likes everything I got but the scarf. Try to explain they are in style but what do I get? An eye roll. Then we went to Pizza Hut....well...lets just say me being hypoglycemic I got sweet tea (didnt want it but Robbie ordered it for me) I wanted Diet Dr Pepper or Coke or Pepsi. Whatever. Diet. But this tea tasted like it had four cups of sugar in it. I got so sick I hardly ate anything, threw up, was getting dizzy. So, we went to campus I got me a cold Sprite Zero (Diet Sprite) it calmed my stomatch some. And, Robbie had to go to class and then I went to watch the free showing of "My Sisters Keeper". Oh my lordie....I cried the whole way through. Great Movie. Will be buying it. We left campus, went to Taco Bell (it tasted so good after being sick) and a cold DIET DR PEPPER! We went to Walmart to get gas and I went in I been craving cupcakes on this period and Robbie found a red velvet (my favorite cake) JUMBO cupcake. Yes...I ... admit... I bought it. The best $2.50 I ever spent that was for sure. That was my days. And I hope you all are doing wonderful. And, I love you and Keep SMiling.

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  1. Callie Nicole says:
    September 26, 2009 at 8:34 AM

    Wow, you got a great deal on those clothes! I love sales . . .*grin*

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