Its been three years and we still miss you babygirl.

A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.Prov 18:24 New King James Version

Lorna Kay Pennington 1985 - 2006 Lorna Kay Pennington, 21, of Fordyce, died Wednesday September 27, 2006 in Camden. She was born in Warren, AR on March 25, 1985. Lorna was a homemaker and a member of the Temple Baptist Church in Fordyce. She is survived by her parents Myzell & Janet Thompson of Fordyce, Ar; her husband James Michael Pennington of Fordyce, AR; a son Dakota Raye Pennington of Fordyce, AR; a brother, Christopher Thompson of Magnolia, AR; four sisters, Laura Herrington of Rison, AR, Leslie Hesselbein of Dover, AR, Renee Reaves of Fordyce, AR, Lana Massey of Camden, AR; and her grandmother, Ivanette Williams of Fordyce, AR. Funeral services are 2:00 pm Friday September 29, 2006 at the Benton Funeral Home Chapel. Burial in Wheeler Cemetery, with the Rev. Mike McEuen & Rev. Bobby Hartgen officiating. Arrangements by Benton Funeral Home of Fordyce.

As I meationed, there was gonna be a time in September I wrote a blog about someone so close to my heart. is that day. Lorna was my childhood best friend, she was my rock when I needed to cry, my laugh when I needed a laugh, she would sing when she comforted, and she was my date when no one else would take me. I met Lorna in second grade, we got the same teacher and we set right beside one another. We both were shy, our moms knew one another and what got us to talking was we had shirts that nearly matched. I will always remember her smile. When she smiled she smiled with her whole face. We instantly became friends, we slept over at each others house, exchanged Christmas presents, shared books. She was my world. I would spend the night every night after Christmas with her and enjoyed all the wonderful goodies her momma made. I still say the reason why I am hypoglycemic is because of Momma Janet's Butterfinger Cake. Me and Lorna were close. We looked completly different...she had blonde hair I had my black, she was skinny and well I am from from it...she had hazel eyes and I had blue. We had alot of funny times...for example: on our 13th Halloween I ended up not spending the night with her we had a plan. We got our parents to rent horror movies we stayed on the phone. Well, we both rented "Carrie" we saved that for last. I will never forget when the hand pops from the grave Lorna screamed so loud in the phone I think I went deaf. So, till this day I can not watch that movie. I think Lorna slept with her Bible that night. We were each other's Junior prom dates, because we both didnt have dates. She always knew how to make me laugh. When i hear the songs: "Friends" by Micheal W. Smith I think of her. During her senior year she started a guy I really didnt like, she changed...not for the better. She started excluding me, she got really hateful, we fell apart. But we still would talk and have good times together just not the same. The plans we had to evolve around him and his schedule. I miss her deeply, spite the fact we were not that close at the end. She knows I love her more than anything in this world. She is good company up there. She was seven months pregant when she died, no they did not save the baby. She did however leave a handsome legacy behind, her son, Dakota. I look at his pictures, I have not seen him in a while, I know Leslie is gonna raise him in a wonderful Christian atmosphere. And, I know he is gonna grow up knowing all about his momma.

This picture I attached is one of me and Lorna at our Senior Night. They joked on Senior Night that me and Lorna would be the old ladies in the nursing home in electric wheelchairs chasing one another. I have promised myself that if I was to put in a home my first U-turn in my electric chair will be dedicated to her. Lorna and I were about the same height. Our sophomore year we had every class together but two. And heres the funny thing...those two classes...we were right next door to one another. I guess they knew they could not seperate us. We took Drama together our senior year and had a blast. She was beautiful inside and out. She could fisty and she could be sweet as a cupcake. I still see her family from time to time and I do not stop but nothing to stop and give a hug. I know I am welcome to her house anytime its just hard.

Me and Lorna have a classmate named, Derrick Sims. And me and him from
time to time since we got out of high school. About a month ago he sent me this picture that he has hanging in his house. He said he bought it a few weeks before Lorna died. Look very closely at it. When I met Lorna when I was younger her hair used to be that color. Exactly that color. That is the Lorna I know hair. I say it looks just like her. I am determined to find out the name of that painting and get one and put it in my future home. It scares me how much it looks like her, from the smile to the belly button. Its Lorna. Derrick, if you are reading this thank you so much for sending this to me.
So in conclusion, I just wanted to let you guys know about my Lorna and how much she means to me. I love you all and Keep Smiling.

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  1. Meredith says:
    September 27, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    Lindsey, I know today is a hard day for you. I am sure you are thinking of Precious Lorna right now, and every second. I am praying for you. Love you, friend!

  2. Anne Carr says:
    September 28, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    "There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother..." and He alone can heal your heartache.

    True friends are a rare gift; never forget how much she meant to you.

  3. Bridget says:
    September 30, 2009 at 12:53 AM

    I'm so sorry about Lorna, how sweet that you are keeping her memory alive.

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