Lindsey's Decade in Review

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.— John 1:11

Hey Everyone, I hope this blog finds everyone well and blessed. As for me, I am doing better not 100% might be the sniffles I have acquired. Well, I thought I would do a decade of my life review. See how much has changed or stayed the same or what. I thought about life this weekend, alot actually and even though alot of sadness has happend. I also have been very blessed. So lets get started....

* I was a freshman in high school.
* Lorna was my best friend in the whole wide world.
* I was in high school band, I played clarinet.
* I was in Young Writers Club and went every Friday at lunch time.
* I was a size 14, working on that one this next year.
* Wanted to attend Southern Arkansas University and major in Broadcast Journalism
* My favorite color was red.
* My favorite teacher was Dr. Fowler.
* My least was Mr. Holt.
* I set with alot of people at lunch we were known as "The Round Table".
* My locker was the cleanest out of me and Lorna.
* I had a bottom locker and our drum major was the top locker.

* I was a sophomore.
* Lorna was still my best friend.
* I was beginning to hate band.
* I went back and forth from 14 to 16 size clothing.
* I wanted to go to SAU still but major in Mass Communications.
* I was in love with yellow.
* I was in Mrs. Vaughn's Biology class playing tic tac toe with Brad House (popular boy in my class) when we got news the Twin Towers went down.
* I had to repeat Mr. Horseman and loved him this time around. He taught government.
* Bonnie moved to Arkansas from Colorado Springs, CO.
* I was still in Young Writers Club and went to Little Rock for plays.
* I got my first kiss.
* I got my band jacket!
* My locker was a bottom one but I had no one ontop of mine.

* I was a junior.
* Alot of my friends graduated that year.
* Lorna started dating Micheal...
* My journal was stolen by Brookes Bailey and was a mockery of the school.
* Bonnie and I became closer.
* I started dating Kyle.
* I quit band.
* I had a top locker finally! The girl on the bottom of me was really nice.
* My favorite class was English of course with
* My favorite teacher was Ms. Price, that year I read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and changed my life forever.
* Still in Young Writers.
* Joined East Lab, and made movies on Flash. The funniest one was the news cast I took my friends pictures and made them different anchors. Robbie was stuck in the Artic doing a story on dog racing.
* I had a 3.0 that year.
* I was the same size.
* Me and Kyle broke up = drama.

* I was a senior!
* I got obessed with pink.
* Lorna, Bonnie, and I were called The Three Amigos.
* I started dating Joshua.
* I joined Drama and performed in many small productions.
* Changed major to SAU major in Theater and English.
* My favorite teacher was Mrs. Meador whom taught Drama and I am still close with till to this day.
* The teachers whom changed my life while in high school were Mrs. Burns - Senior English and Mrs. Meador - drama teacher.
* I joined Teens Love Christ with Lorna.
* I started wearing flare jeans.
* Our group got smaller.
* My class ring came in and scared the whole night it was too small and they had to send it back. Things were fine.
* Finally made up my mind to go to SAU Tech in Camden for a few years to see what I really wanted.
* Went to New Mexico with JOshua's church to mission. - Life changing experience.

* First year Tech- Loved it.
* Joshua and I broke up - nasty break up.
* My favorite teacher out at Tech (still is) Mr. Dan Miliam.
* Bonnie moved to Memphis.
* I and Joshua made up and realized friends are the best option for the two of us.
* Joshua graduated high school!
* My sister was in high school!
* I dedicated my life fully and completly to Christ.
* I started liking a guy named David.
* My favorite class that year at Tech was World History.
* Joshua decided to go to University of Monticello and major in Busincess.

*Second Year Tech - Loved it.
*My grandmother died.
* Me and Joshua had lost touch not because we were mad at one another but college was getting to us until..
* My dad died
* Joshua came to my dad's funeral and vowed to be my best friend till the end.
* David and I never clicked.
* I smoked cigs and quit.
* I started dating the man of three years.
* My sister had a wreak and lived.
* Lorna gave birth to a little boy named him, Dakota Ray
* We got Salem!

* Third Year out at Tech
* Graduated Tech with a degree in Technology.
* My best friend was Jennifer.
* I made a huge mistake.
* Applied and got accepted to Southern Arkansas University with wanting a degree in English Education.
* Moved to Magnolia into a dorm hall.
* Found out I am hypoglycemic.
* My favorite color was still pink.
* My favorite college professor at SAU was Dr. Belcher.
* Lorna died and left me in a deep state of depression. I could not come home, because I did not want to see her like that.

* I came home for a year to take of my mother whom was having to have a total hysteromy and a possible pacemakerdefuliabtor.
* I could not find work at all in my town.
* Me and Joshua had a huge fight which resulting me blocking him and thought of him betraying and in the end he was right.
* Before I started working all I had left in my checking account was $3.50.
* I had gone up to a size 18 in clothes.
* I went to visit Lornas grave as much as possible.
* Was still in a deep depression and thought of as everyone was leaving me.
* Prayed that whole summer for GOD to show me what he wanted me to do. One day, I was looking through my memory book in high school and the common phrase was "thanks for always being a listening ear" or "thanks for always being there". I remember smiling and thought...Counseling.

* Me and the man of three years broke up.. and he admitted to cheating on me the whole three years and well yeah you get the picture.
* Unblocked Joshua and my life changed for the better.
* Me and Robbie forgave each other and learned who is important in our lives and who's not.
* One Word: Twilight!
* Went to Branson and paid for it all by myself and enjoyed every second.
* Got a job as a cashier at a grocery store here.
* I ran away and came back.
* I got back in church and felt whole again.
* Instead of being sad over Lorna being gone I began writing her letters.
* Traveled the great state of Arkansas with Robbie.
* Laughed again.
* Took online classes from Tech

* Dated someone but did not work - two different worlds.
* Realized who my true best friends are.
* Store I worked for got shut down.
* Two Words: New Moon.
* Going back to SAU in the fall and celebrate new beginnings.
* Realized the people you need in your life need you in theirs.
* Read 100 books!
* My best friends are the sparkles of my eyes and they know who they are.
* Realized Joshua is the one man next to my daddy and my LORD who has my best intrest at heart.
* One phrase and One Phrase Only: GOD is Great, Diet Dr Pepper is Good, And Folks are Stupid as Ever Sometimes. (Laughs)
* Laughed so much more.
* This blog!
* Movie Nights @ Robbies changed my whole week.
* Decided to go back to SAU soon and start over.

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  1. Heart2Heart says:
    December 30, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    What a great idea although I would doubt I could remember back 10 years much less 5 years worth! Love how far you've come and all the life lessons you've learned along the way! Priceless. Here is hoping that 2010 is blessed with so much goodness from God.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Anne says:
    December 31, 2009 at 7:19 AM

    When sorrow seems to surround you
    When suffering hangs heavy over your head
    Know that tomorrow brings
    Wholeness and healing
    God knows your need
    Just believe what He said

    He gives beauty for ashes
    Strength for fear
    Gladness for mourning
    Peace for despair

    When what you've done keeps you from moving on
    When fear wants to make itself at home in your heart
    Know that forgiveness brings
    Wholeness and healing
    God knows your need
    Just believe what He said

    He gives beauty for ashes
    Strength for fearGladness for mourning
    Peace for despair

    I once was lost but God has found me
    Though I was bound I've been set free
    I've been made righteous in His sight
    A display of His splendor all can see

    He gives beauty for ashes
    Strength for fear Gladness for mourning
    Peace for despair

  3. Anonymous Says:
    January 1, 2010 at 7:47 PM


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